Associated Press

State Rep. Daylin Leach permanently shut down his Web site after his humor columns were criticized by some readers as insensitive and racy.

In a brief letter posted Friday on his Web site, the Montgomery County Democrat apologized to anyone he may have offended and said the site was being pulled.

“This has been a learning experience for me – I have a much better understanding that, while I believe comedy is for all people, not all comedy is for every person,” the posting stated.

In the posting, Leach offered a “sincere apology” and added that “the last thing I want, as a person and as a representative, is to cause offense.”

Some of Daylin’s writings on the site – – veered into musings colored by references to pornography or sex. Others included comments about Palestinians and a “third world type” who cleans hotel rooms.

The writings, often signed Dutch Larooo, attracted the ire of Arab and anti-discrimination groups. The Anti-Defamation League in Philadelphia called some of Leach’s writings offensive and complained that they reinforced negative stereotypes.

The Web site began from a series of humor columns Daylin e-mailed to friends and acquaintances.